"As you will see in the "before" photo, Charles was suffering from collapsed heels and frog, along with splitting of the hoof wall. Now with proper shoeing and your Amazing Advanced Heel Complex, Charles has beautiful healthy hooves, he is sound and jumping again."

The "before" pictures were taken June and August of 2016 and the "after" were taken March and April of 2018.

The problem started when I switched to a new Farrier and he consistently trimmed Charles' Heels to short
and didn't take enough off the toe and then put on a wedge pad to compensate. At that point it started affecting his tendon and the horse went to 4 out of 5 lame.

I then found a new farrier that helped correct the angle and started using TLC Advanced Heel Complex in July of 2016, when my trainer gave me a sample to try and within 30 days I started seeing a difference. I am confident that TLC Advanced Heel Complex, not only helped the heel grow, but drastically increased the time of healing.

After having Charles for over 10 years (and he is now 19), I am very concerned and in tune with his complete health needs. I am looking forward to trying Performance Horse Max. If it can help with his Joints and Muscles as much as your Advanced Heel Complex has done for his feet, I will look for many more joyous years of riding and jumping him.

-  Jennifer J Jacky

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