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5 Stars
Our trainer highly recommended Equi Bone to us for our young gelding.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Texas. on 3/18/2022

4 Stars
I have been using Equi-bone for almost a year. We re-Xrayed the joint at 9 months, my veterinarian was impressed with the improvement and recommended I continue with it. She was somewhat skeptical at first.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Denio, NV. on 3/12/2022

5 Stars
Excellent Results
My 8 month old filly had an accident in her pasture and became non weight bearing lame on her right hind. I could hear cracking and popping in her hip. After just a few weeks on this product there is no more cracking and popping and she is almost 100% sound! I highly recommend this product! Definitely worth every penny!
Reviewed by:  from North Carolina. on 2/19/2022

5 Stars
The product is working very well for the horse!
Reviewed by:  from Arvada. on 9/28/2021

5 Stars
Staying sound
This product is helping my horses stay sound I wasn’t sure it was doing it’s job until I took them off and they came up sore again so i put them back on and will keep them on it this time
Reviewed by:  from California . on 7/17/2021

5 Stars
Barrel Racer
I have 2 horses with straight upright pastern on front feet and they do awesome with Equibone. I'm on auto delivery to make sure I never run out!!
Reviewed by:  from Louisiana. on 6/4/2021

5 Stars
I just finished my second bag of equibone. It had taken a little while but the movement is much more fluid, there’s more flexibility and she’s sound......my mare has had NO hock injections in almost 2 years thanks to TLC! A bag lasts a very long time!
Reviewed by:  from Tomball, Texas . on 4/20/2021

5 Stars
Barrel Racer
This is a game changer. I now have thick soles on my mares and great bone density. I used this for the first time on a gelding that broke his coffin bone he healed twice as fast as the vet expected and you couldn’t even see the break line.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Utah. on 3/18/2021

5 Stars
Barrel racer
This stuff is great. Nothing but improvements seen since using this. Not only is my mare sound, she is a harder keeper and she looks more filled out after being on this supplement. My shoer even made a comment on the improvement of how much her feet have improved. I have tried other supplements for 3 years and nothing like this has helped. Thank you TLC.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Topeka . on 3/17/2021

5 Stars
Equi-Bone Magic
I first heard about Equi-bone from a great friend of mine who told me to try it on my barrel horses; because I needed a good joint Supplement that wouldn’t overpower their body as most products I’ve tried do.. Equi-Bone has the right amount of ingredients to load your horse on then to mange them. So I decided to test it first on my 25 year old ex rope horse first  and within less then a month you didn’t hear anymore cracking throughout his body, he has smooth gates and is more outgoing... so with seeing such great and quick results with it on him I definitely wanted to give it to my barrel horses and have seen them bounce back from strenuous training and racing... this product is amazing and magical for any horse young or old and i have been recommending it to everyone... Thank you, Equi-bone
Reviewed by:  from Arizona City. on 1/24/2021

5 Stars
Couldn’t be happier with results!
Within 6 weeks I could see improvement in heel growth and soundness. We are now at 5.5 months of using it and my horse has significant heel growth, has not taken a lame step, and even better is barefoot and thriving! I am so happy that I found this product and that I could forgo retirement and continue my adventures with my equine partner.
Reviewed by:  from Maryland. on 1/4/2021

5 Stars
I’ve used this in the past and had tremendous success. It allowed my horse to come out of retirement to complete successfully for several more years.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from New york. on 12/19/2020

5 Stars
He has been on Equi-Bone for almost 6 months;  I have just started doing short, easy trail rides and he’s doing amazing! There are a few factors that are affecting my boy’s “success” so far but I am sure Equi-Bone has played a role. I am so happy to be riding again and having my boy be able to walk and move out soundly is great! He’s not 100% and may never be but I am so impressed with his progress and I will definitely be keeping him on Equi-Bone!
Reviewed by:  from Gilmanton NH. on 11/22/2020

5 Stars
Your rodeo horse needs this
Have been using this product for 5 months now and it has really given me my horse back. She’s firing hard again and my farrier says she’s got more sole depth than she’s ever had. It’s not cheap, but it’s given my mare her competitive edge back.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from AL. on 11/20/2020

5 Stars
Great Product
I have been using this for a horse I recently acquired. We have seen more sound days per month the longer I use it! My farrier has worked on several horses like this and he said they have never turned around this fast.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Pineville. on 10/10/2020

5 Stars
Equibone is amazing!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Seekonk, MA. on 10/7/2020

5 Stars
Happy with Equi-Bone
About 6 months ago we purchased a 'retired' rodeo gelding... We love this horse and it makes us so happy to see him romping about in the pasture!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Kansas. on 9/27/2020

5 Stars
Trail rider
Ride her more than ever now. Started my QH On it now, she is rideable again too
Reviewed by:  from Iowa. on 8/6/2020

5 Stars
Saved my horse
After the first month I noticed a HUGE difference in his comfort level. As I write this review he is cantering around the pasture and his feet look AMAZING!! There is no more popping in his joints either. I cannot recommend this product enough. It is a miracle!!
Reviewed by:  from SC. on 4/25/2020

5 Stars
Barrel Racer
Lexie Goss recommended your products, she had such great results! Working on my 2nd bag of equibone for two of my horses, looking forward to better feet & overall maintenance! Thank you!
Reviewed by:  from Washington . on 12/11/2019

5 Stars
The vet recommended Equi-Bone. My horse is now walking better than he has in years. My farrier says his hooves are in better shape than he has ever seen. I will probably get to ride my horse again, and most important, he is walking without pain.
Reviewed by:  from Louisiana. on 11/22/2019

5 Stars
A member of my barn used this for his horse and recommended it. It was the best thing ever. My mare went from limping and pain back to competing.
Reviewed by:  from Fort Lauderdale. on 10/13/2019

5 Stars
I have been giving it to my 3 year old for about 1 year. He had surgery to remove bone chips from his fetlock. He is quite healthy and I am very happy with the improvement I have seen after using equibone.
Reviewed by:  from Colorado. on 10/9/2019

5 Stars
I have used this product for over 10 years, it definitely works.
Reviewed by:  from Tucson. on 7/16/2019