The Early Years
Our mare "Endless Dreams" was crippled on the track as a two-year-old. My parents acquired her as a three-year-old and she was cautiously put into training for barrel racing. Her ability to stay sound was at the forethought of our thoughts, but by the time she was four she was a great barrel horse with bad front feet. She was sent to the University for experimental treatment. Three months later she was sent home with the news that her foot would fall apart if we kept running her. Thus the decision was made to breed her and turn her out permanently.

Just Give Her a Chance
Five years and several babies later, we needed a horse for my boyfriends daughter, Bailey. Miss Ed (as we called her) was our best bet because she is gentle and solid as a rock on her barrel pattern. It wasn't long before the signs returned and I took her in for x-rays. Again, I was advised not to run her as a barrel horse. I wasn't satisfied and set out to find a solution. My farrier changed the kind of shoes she was wearing, and that helped immensely but Miss Ed needed more. As a last effort I turned to TLC Animal Nutrition for help. Several weeks later I ran her at the D&G Barrel Race, she never took a lame step in three runs, and was running 1-D times.

The Sky Is The Limit
It is amazing to me that ten years after her original injury one of the nicest barrel horses I ever had the pleasure of riding is back doing what she does best, running barrels. Thanks to TLC's nutrition, my Mother and my horseshoer the sky is the limit on a mare that everyone had written off. From Miss Ed, a mare that truly loves to run barrels, and myself we thank you for your wonderful products. I'm glad that I didn't give up.   - Christi H.