Kubic's Comeback from Lameness

Throughout the next couple months I could see his movement improve and he was more confident in his stride. Finally we were ready for our first xc clinic in June, where I was hopeful he’d be able to handle the new terrain and jumps. I was right. He was a superstar and didn’t take one wrong step, jumping everything I put in front of him.
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More on OCD Lesions

OCD lesions often develop in the first year of life but are often not noticed until much later when the horse is put into training. The developing bone of a young horse requires a specific function where the cartilage cells at the end of the bone turn into bone cells and creating the lengthening effect of the bone required for growth. OCD lesions occur when this process doesn't properly take place and...
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Attention Dairymen: What's Your Number?

What is it about the high SCC that bothers you most? Is it the number that comes back on the check when you’ve exceeded the favorable limits… or is there something more?

Could it be that, on average, a 2.5% decrease in production translates to a loss of nearly 50 pounds on just ten cows milking 65 pounds/day?
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Bone Development In Young Horses

A tiny, delicate foal has a lot of growing to do to get to that stage! Their spindly little legs need to develop long, sturdy bones so they can run and jump with the power of a full-grown horse. Therefore, it is essential that young horses receive the proper nutrients they need to support...
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Hope For OCD Lesions

"Match" was in training for three months at the barn, and when she returned home, it was evident her stifles were sore. At that time a new veterinarian recommended time off and a high grade mineral supplement.

After careful personal investigation, I turned to TLC Animal Nutrition.
The results I have witnessed are proof and the images taken on the stifles!  Because of the...

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